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Unlock a secret to anti-aging found within superior ORAC foods and supplements!

What is ORAC?

It stands for the Oxygen Radical Absorption (or Absorbance) Capacity.

Why is ORAC important?

It is the measurement of the degree and time of a specific antioxidant to effectively neutralize, remove or inhibit oxygen free radicals. Generally speaking the higher the ORAC number the more effective is the antioxidant activity of a particular compound. Fruits and vegetables are among the most important sources of these potent antioxidants; however, not all dietary sources are created equal and even the same fruit or vegetable may present with a different ORAC value when testing for activity (due to varying soil contents, genetics of the species and growing conditions).

Scientists have long believed that damage which occurs due to oxygen free radicals is behind most of the major illnesses that plague our modern day world including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The research indicates that a mixture of antioxidants appears to work synergistically and that no one single antioxidant is the single source for alleviating a particular disease or condition. So it appears that we need to take a holistic approach to our body’s needs and fortify our diets with a wide range of foods and nutritional supplements that provide a healthy variety of antioxidants. It is also important to make sure that we include those sources with the best ORAC values for maximum benefit.

If you are only training to increase speed and power, but are neglecting the key components necessary to prevent damage to nerves, muscles and other body organs then you may be hindering your body’s ability to effectively repair the damage that occurs during and immediately following intense training and work out schedules. The super nutrients that many of us neglect are the essential antioxidants that eliminate the accumulation of free radicals. Every time we train our muscles there is a chain reaction release of inflammatory chemicals and oxidants that wreak havoc on our bodies and destroy or damage tissues including muscle tissue. These chemicals can eventually become toxic to our vital body cells if they aren’t brought quickly under control.

Studies being conducted at Tufts University in Boston by the Human Research Center on Aging indicate that consuming foods with a high ORAC value may slow the dreaded aging of both the body and the mind. In other words if one can learn to balance the damage created by free radicals with a healthy supply of well-timed and well-placed antioxidants then one may be able to effectively control tissue damage. And if that isn’t enough scientists believe that these high ORAC ingredients may be able to significantly slow the aging process, which will allow us to live longer, happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Speak to your body and hear it respond with amazing results!

Scientists are just beginning to uncover the secrets of over 4,000 known flavonoids (antioxidants) that are found in foods which provide numerous biological activities. These dynamic compounds send signal messages to the body and help to keep it functioning optimally. There is an saying among the early computer geeks "Garbage In, Garbage Out". So it is important to put in the right sources of nutrients and change our little saying to "Wellness In, Wellness Out™"

Top-Scoring Fruits & Vegetables in ORAC units per 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces)Fruits-Vegetables:

Prunes 5770

Kale 1770

Raisins 2830

Spinach 1260

Blueberries 2400

Brussels sprouts 980

Blackberries 2036

Alfalfa sprouts 930

Strawberries 1540

Broccoli flowers 890

Raspberries 1220

Beets 840

Plums 949

Red bell pepper 710

Oranges 750

Onion 450

Red grapes 739

Corn 400

Cherries 670

Eggplant 390

Kiwi fruit 602

Grapefruit, (pink) 483

Our goal at Clinical Wellness™ is to keep you informed on these latest nutritional discoveries.